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TN5250 and AS400 (iSeries) Connectivity

TN5250 Security Emulation

BOSaNOVA Secure is the TN5250 emulation solution for securing a Desktop on the TCP/IP net. The software implements SSL and SSO (Single Sign ON) with Kerberos. Security emulation with TN5250 provides a comprehensive net security solution, including data on the net.

TN5250 Connectivity Over Twinax

Customized for the TDLC environment, the BOSaNOVA Plus 32 with TN5250 provides PC connectivity over Twinax to both AS/400 and SYS/36 hosts. Users benefit from up to four sessions of full TN5250 display and printer emulation. BOSaNOVA Plus 32 includes DTF; BOS' advanced SQL-based data transfer application. Note: We no longer have 6461 cards for sale.

TN5250 Thin Clients

TN5250 support in High-Performance Linux Thin Clients

The 10ZiG 4400 and 4500 offer the very best TN5250e and TN3270e emulation available for a LAN environment. Embedded TN5250e and TN3270e based display and printer emulation for connection to IBM iSeries (AS400) and zSeries (S/390) systems employ the best fonts in the industry, and feature VT100, Wyse 60 and Xterm emulators.

TN5250 support in XP Thin Clients


BOSaNOVA Thin Client Specifications for TN5250

BOSaNOVA thin clients feature TN5250 emulation that support numerous AS400 software applications in addition to printers and PC workstations. BOSaNOVA thin client TN5250 sessions display a rich TN5250e emulated environnent, and include central management for all clients.

TN5250 Emulation Features:


Easy installation and maintenance; Supports Office Vision/text assist ; Supports CITRIX and Terminal Server

Graphical System Administration

Image mapping option; Supports displays 5251, 5291, 3196, 3179-2, 3180, 3477FC (with ECB support); MorphExpressT On-the-Fly GUI.

Remote System Console Connectivity

External Link; End-client workstation server independence; Remote command client

File Transfers

Screen data can be copied/pasted directly into Excel; Host explorer for copy files from/to iSeries IFS; FTP client


Macros option; Better Auto-recovery

Printer Emulation

Keyboard mapping; 01/102 or 122 keyboards; Up to 32 simultaneous display and printer sessions ; Supports TCP/IP printing capability designed especially to print AS/400 data on local or networked printers, without a router. Supports simulation of 5224 printer model

Client Server Database Connectivity

SQL-based data file transfer utility designed specifically for use with the AS/400; Central management server for all distributed end-client workstations

TN5250 General Information

AS400 software required to run IBM's seminal AS400 mainframe is fully integrated into the system. AS400 applications can run on any single-processor machine due to AS400's virtual instruction set. The traditional AS400 system also features one or more IBM 5250 dumb terminals along with printers and system applications.

Today, however, it is more common to use PC or web based terminal emulation packages that can interpret and display 5250 data streams. TN5250 is one such terminal emulation package, and it is also an open source standard.*

Source: Wikipedia: AS400 software & IBM 5250 .

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