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BOSāNOVA Enterprise

BOSāNOVA Enterprise is a new emulation software for companies that need a reliable communication system with maximum security and minimum maintenance requirements. Management is central, including a central server installation and management of version updates in the entire organization, including remote users and agents.

The product includes all the existing emulation capabilities of our current version of BOSāNOVA Secure along with :

  1. iSeries connect through an SSH secure server.
  2. Secure login option directly to AS/400
  3. Silent installation of software and software updates.
  4. Management of system users and permissions.

Login via SSH Server

BOSāNOVA Enterprise allows central login server using SSH. Communication between the server and the end user is encrypted and secure. End users have no direct access to the iSeries other than via the BOSâNOVA Enterprise server.

SSH server can be installed on the iSeries, a Windows PC or an external server (Linux operating system).

Silent Installation of the Client

  • Initial installation of the software is done by running a self extracting executable.
    • Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Installation configuration is preset by the system administrator and then packaged and passed to the user.
  • End user runs the setup file without requiring any additional setting.
  • User settings changes or version updates are delivered seamlessly to users without their involvement.
  • To avoid duplication of names sessions are defined using rules.

User Management System

The user management system gives the administrator tools to manage and control users who connect to the iSeries using BOSāNOVA Enterprise.

The system allows the following :

  • Setting up users
  • Computer Setup
  • Definition of user groups
  • Setting up computer groups
  • Configuring users (or groups of users)
  • Preparation software update packages
  • Distribution of software updates or configuration updates to users
  • Blocking unwanted users

Enterprise System without Compromise

BOSāNOVA Enterprise is an enterprise software based on emulation software BOSāNOVA Secure which is used in many organizations in the US and around the world. A system known to users and allows the organization to a smooth transition with no loss of productivity.

Organizations using BOSāNOVA Enterprise enjoy a work environment designed for optimal performance.

BOSâNOVA Enterprise ensures Cost of Ownership is low, central control is simple and efficient, and software updates are transparent for end users.

For the 30 day demo of BOSaNOVA Enterprise please email

For more information please contact us at 866-864-5250 X213 or

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